Matcha Green Tea

Great tasting matcha

This is very high quality matcha tea. The taste is great and doesn’t leave an aftertaste in your mouth like some I have tried have done. I love the ceremonial premium grade. It’s a little higher priced, but so worth it. I will most definitely buy this again. It is great!

Linda Shackelford

I love this matcha green tea

I love this matcha green tea! It has a very nice flavor. Better than the one I bought before and a good size. I mostly use it in smoothies and feel energized afterwards.


Great for baking

I used it in my baking. I made matcha frosting and matcha flavored chocolate goodies. Ever had a matcha flavored Kit Kat? That is my next project. I’m not a fan of drinking it as tea but love the sweetened flavor.

Angela Dean

Good culinary matcha

I have tried several different brands of culinary matcha. This one is a great one. Good enough to be used as tea. I like to drink it cold. Just put it in a water bottle, shake it up and drink. Has a smooth green tea taste and good color.

Angela Dean

The super green tea

Matcha tea is one of my favorites. If you are a big fan of green tea then this is a must have. It goes through a special process where it’s kept from oxygen and light so it preserves the color and antioxidant properties. It’s very intense in green tea flavor but also has the benefits more powerful then green tea, 1 cup of Matcha is equal to 10 cups of green tea. This stuff is so tasty and you can enjoy it multiple ways. You can just enjoy it as tea, a latte, a milkshake, or even bake with it. Match as incredibly good for you: supports healthy akin, metabolism, mental focus, mood, and detox.

Angela Dean

This is a very nice quality matcha powder

This is a very nice quality matcha powder. No bitterness at all. Dissolves very well in boiling water. I made a simple matcha coconut milk latte. Dissolve 1tsp matcha in 1/4cup boiling water. Add 1/4cup coconut milk. Add 1cup milk of your choice. optional sweetner and ice for a great afternoon pick me up.

Beth Wing

Water Tumblers

water tumblers
Great gift for iced coffee lover

I got this for my mom as a gift who drinks iced coffee. She says slow brewing gets the best taste so I think she will really like it. It’s very sturdy and is made from the same material as Pyrex. The sleeve is great to help keep the coffe cold (or hot if that’s what you wish). Well packaged and quality product.


Love how this bottle makes it easy for me drink healthier beverages!

I have been loving this tea infuser bottle from Zen Bliss. No matter how safe people say their plastic water bottles all, I still worry about BPAs. This bottle is made from borosilicate glass, the same material Pyrex has been using for decades, so I am 100% confident it is safe. Also, when I wash it, I feel like it’s really clean. It is easy to wash too, both ends screw off and the infuser comes out. The silicone rings inside keep all liquids in, no leaks. I’ve been enjoying using it with the Zen Bliss Matcha tea, as well as loose tea and even lemons and cucumber for infused water. The neoprene insulation sleeve keeps my water or tea cold and makes it easy to carry or clip to a carabineer. This makes it easy to take on walks, or hiking, or even biking. You can’t go wrong with this purchase, very good quality!


Tea Drinkers REJOICE!

This is an absolute godsend. I didn’t realize how amazing a bottle with a tea diffuser at the bottom would be. I’ve warmed the bottle so that the glass was warm and made hot tea in it, I’ve also put ginger and lemon in the bottom so that I can have flavored water. The best thing I’ve noticed is it fits in my cup holder in my car. The sleeve that it comes in has saved my hand fron burNing countless times, and doubles as saving me from slipping. It should be something you absolutely want to have, especially if you’re a tea lover like me.

The CNic Route

Tastefully drink all your water with this ZEN Bliss glass bottle

his glass bottle infuser has been one of the best purchases I have made this year in a conscious effort to get and eat healthier. Sometimes drinking just plain water does not appeal to me, but I love the different fruit combinations I have been able to use to infuse taste into the water. I have tried lemon and orange. but my favorite combination has been the flavors of the season: orange slice, apple chunks and split cranberries. Every evening I put the fruit in the infuser that is accessible through the bottom of the bottle, I then fill the actual bottle about half full of ice, and then fill the rest of the way with water. I then leave this in my refrigerator overnight to really infuse the flavors. In the morning I put the bottle in the neoprene sleeve and take to work. The ice is usually gone by around noon, but the water is still cold, if I haven’t drank it all by then.


Durable & Simple

The bottle itself is made of a thick glass. The infuser/tea container sits right in place firmly from the bottom section. Everything fits together very well to provide a durable infuser bottle. Then there is also a foam/neoprene sleeve to snuggly fit the bottle. It really helps keep the drink hot or cold – depending on whichever you choose. I am very happy with this bottle and more importantly, my husband really likes it. I highly recommend this ZEN Bliss bottle.

Meghan Y.